• Quick and simple to get started
  • No budget or salary cap on players
  • Only four sports available across the major American leagues

DraftHero is a highly-respected fantasy sports betting site which gives players the opportunity to enjoy regular contests and compete for big-money prizes. They take the idea of providing a fast and reliable service even further than major rivals such as FanDuel and DraftKings, allowing players to sign up and select a team for a contest within 30 seconds. Competitors looking to delve deeper into the statistics may want to consider their choices more carefully, but the option is there to get involved in lots of contests and there are many free games just for casual or new players. The fact that DraftHero caters to all types of fantasy sports betting, from the big leagues to those who just want to have fun, is a point in its favor.

DraftHero Sports

The choice of sports at DraftHero is a little limited in comparison to a site such as DraftKings, but there will be no complaining from fans of the big American sports leagues, as points can be scored across matches in the NFL, NBA, MLB and the NHL.

DraftHero Contests

There are six different types of contests available within each of the four sports offered by DraftHero. There are contests where the top four players share the prize and others where the money is divided between the top 20 finishers, so it is not even essential to win a tournament to get a decent reward. Double-up contests take this idea one step further, as you only need to finish in the top half to double your money.

If you are confident of coming out on top, there are one-winner contests, while Head-2-Heads let players engage in one-on-one competitions. Those who want to play for fun or just want to get accustomed to how contests work can try out freerolls that cost nothing to enter.

How DraftHero Works

The key focus at DraftHero is speed and simplicity, making the site hugely appealing for new players. The lobby lists all the contests that can be entered and it is just a case of deciding on which sport you like, what type of contest you want to get involved in and the entry fee you are willing to pay.

Once you enter, you have to pick, or draft, a team of five players. There are five categories and you must pick one from each. There is no budget or salary cap like on most other fantasy sports sites, but the players are divided into MVPs, Superstars, Stars, and so on to make it an even playing field for participants. Each player’s Fantasy Points per Game (FPPG) is also displayed to give an indication of their quality.

The format is the same across all of the sports offered, making it really easy to get involved, but this could perhaps be a little too basic for some users. With only five players to choose for a lineup, there’s not a great deal of scope for being creative or standing out from the crowd. Having five players in each team, even for American football, baseball and ice hockey, also means that contests do not reflect reality like they do at other sites, where full teams are created.

The points-scoring system is clearly laid out, although the heavy use of abbreviations means you will need to know your sports terminology! It is possible to change your lineup until about ten minutes before the start of a contest, and then you can follow live updates as the games take place and cheer on those in your team as they pick up points.


The impressive homepage features a slick, modern design with a video looping in the background of how the games can be played and the prizes that can be won. There are even answers to a few frequently asked questions further down the page, addressing some of the queries first-time visitors to the site might have.

Navigation from the outset is extremely smooth and simple and you are instantly met with a list of the contests that can be played. It is easy to work out the differences between them so you can decide what you want to play, and then when you decide to enter a contest there are pictures of the players you can select from, laid out in their different categories.

Drafting a team is straightforward, while there is a wealth of helpful information available for players who wish to take more time over their choices. Once you are up and running, you can check the progress of your team or make late changes in the My Contests section, which is also very well-presented with colorful representations of the field of play.


DraftHero players can follow how their players are performing when the games get going and watch as the standings are updated live. There are statistics available to help you decide who to select, with graphs showing a player’s performance over the season as well as their last three games.

The Hotzone blog is also well worth a read, detailing the latest news across all the major sports and including some fascinating feature pieces. There isn’t a great deal of other features, but this leaves the site uncluttered and easy to use, which has clearly been designed as the main selling point.


It is possible to play DraftHero on the go to help you enjoy the thrill of fantasy sports wherever you are, with an app available in the US for iOS users. However, the Android version can no longer be accessed from Google Play. The mobile site is fine but a bit underwhelming, as the information is harder to take in and navigation is not quite as smooth.

DraftHero Promotions and Bonuses

Players will receive a bonus when they start playing for money that is equal to their first deposit. This is released in increments of five percent, meaning that if you play in a $40 contest you will receive $2 of your bonus.

It is also possible to enter a promotional code to receive an extra bonus, while there is a referral centre which gives players the opportunity to invite friends along and receive a share of their entry fee every time they play.


DraftHero does not have the same range of sports or the lineup options when compared to industry giant DraftKings, but the stripped-back format still works extremely well. The site is easy to use, with a decent range of contests to choose from so that you can either play for fun or try and hunt down the big prizes. There are some decent bonuses to be had and, despite a disappointing mobile site, DraftHero is ideal for those wishing to enjoy quick and easy fantasy sports betting.

Score – 7/10

  • Deposit Methods: DraftHero accepts payment by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal.
  • Withdrawal Methods: The minimum withdrawal amount is $20 and it takes up to two business days for the process to be completed.
  • Email: support@drafthero.com
  • Registered Address: Drafthero, 19C Trolley Square, Wilmington, DE 19806

DraftHero offers a fair and legal service because fantasy sports are considered games of skill. Players must be citizens or residents of the USA aged 18 or older (19 in Alabama or Nebraska) and cannot be residents of the following states: Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Louisiana, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Nevada, Vermont and Washington State.