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  • December 2016
  • NBA Week 10 Fantasy Basketball Tips

    Christmas is over, but the most important part of the NBA season is just beginning. This stretch run – from January through April – will determine who makes the playoffs and who will watch them at home. The standings remain extremely crowded, so most of the postseason spots are there for the taking. Not only […]

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  • Premier League Fantasy Soccer Christmas Betting Tips

    The English Premier League may be on hiatus as Christmas approaches, but the action returns with a bang as all 20 teams are in action before the start of 2017. With such a packed sporting schedule, there are plenty of fantasy sports betting contests to choose from and an abundance of players to select, but […]

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  • NBA Week 9 Fantasy Basketball Tips

    Though these articles usually give you fantasy basketball players tips on who to pick for the entire week, this piece reveals the best guys playing on Christmas Day. There’s a fantastic lineup of NBA matchups on Christmas, and that means that there’ll be all the more people playing daily fantasy basketball on the 25th. In […]

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  • Ohio Set for Fantasy Sports Betting Battle in 2017

    Ohio has become the latest state to debate the possible legalization of fantasy sports betting, with a court battle set to take place in 2017. The dispute follows a bill that was introduced earlier this year that would see fantasy sports outlawed. However, thanks to a fresh piece of legislation surfacing, Ohio players could soon […]

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  • NBA Week 8 Fantasy Basketball Tips

    Christmas is quickly approaching, and with that holiday comes the chance for NBA teams to step back and assess their season so far. The same can be said for fantasy sports betting players. December is the best time to assess your strategies and figure out why you’re winning or losing.  Whatever your method, the following […]

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