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  • January 2016
  • NBA Week 14 Tips

    It’s no coincidence that NBA All-Star Weekend starts on the Friday following the Super Bowl – they’ve got a captive audience restless for more sports action after the football finale. The Association’s most entertaining three days of the year are a spectacle like no other, and the All-Star lineups are finally set from top to […]

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  • NFL Conference Championships Roundup

    Only one game remains in the 2015-2016 NFL Season now that the conference championships are over, with that game being the all-important Super Bowl. The Panthers and Broncos will face off in San Francisco for Super Bowl 50 after two dramatically different wins over the Cardinals and Patriots respectively. This was also the last week […]

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  • NBA Week 13 Roundup

    As the conclusion of January draws near, the NBA is just starting to hit its stride. Teams have molded their identities, and playoff contenders are much easier to spot. Hornets point guard Kemba Walker had the week of his life, and the Warriors proved once and for all that they are on a level above […]

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  • NBA Week 13 Tips

    There’s no winning formula for fantasy basketball betting because the nature of the game is constantly changing. To top the leaderboard of a content, you must adjust your strategies on the daily, or be left behind to perpetually sit at the bottom of the standings. A lineup that looks unbeatable one day could be a […]

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  • Dallas Mavericks Owner Slams Texas’ Fantasy Sports Stance

    The debate over fantasy sports betting has intensified after the Texas Attorney General declared that daily contests do constitute gambling. It is the latest state to put pressure on the industry following increased scrutiny over the past few months, but the latest ruling has prompted an angry response from industry insiders and has even been […]

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