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  • November 2015
  • More Week 5 NBA Tips

    Although there are no NBA games on Thanksgiving, basketball will resume on Friday and so will Daily Fantasy Basketball.  With various trends materializing and others rapidly dissipating, it can be difficult to track which players are on hot streaks and which guys are slowly declining.  Here are the players you simply can’t leave out of […]

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  • NFL Week 12 Tips

    Week 12 marks the week of Thanksgiving games, with three huge games taking place on Thursday night. If you want to make your Thanksgiving Day even better, then there are fantasy sports betting opportunities that only allow you to use players in the games taking place on Thursday. Otherwise if Thursday is too soon for […]

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  • NFL Week 11 Roundup

    Week 11 is all in the books now and it’s time to take a quick look back at which players succeeded and which players didn’t do so well. Starting at quarterback, there were two names that stand out above the rest – Cam Newton and Jameis Winston. Both players scored around the 30-point area, although […]

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  • NBA Week 4 Roundup and Week 5 Tips

    Through four weeks, one trend has remained the same in today’s NBA: the performance of a team’s star player or players determines whether they win or lose and directly affects the outcome of your own contests.  Case in point: during Kevin Durant’s recent six-game absence, the Oklahoma City Thunder went 3-3 with Russell Westbrook carrying […]

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  • NBA Week 4 Tips

    Already four weeks in, Daily Fantasy Basketball has been erratic and unpredictable to say the least. However, if you pay close attention to certain patterns and trends occurring from day to day and even week to week, it is possible to dominate this game. Here are the players whose stocks are rising and who look […]

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