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  • January 2017
  • NBA Week 15 Fantasy Basketball Tips

    If you’re still plugging away at fantasy basketball betting as we enter into February, you’re a true grinder. The season is long, but the playoffs are actually closer than you may think. April will be here before you know it, so now is the time to rake in the cash by winning your daily fantasy […]

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  • FanDuel to Offer Fantasy Golf Markets

    Fantasy sports betting giant FanDuel is set to launch its first line of fantasy golf contests. Ahead of a long-awaited merger with fellow betting company DraftKings, the US-headquartered company is set to follow in the footsteps of its soon-to-be partner by offering a range of fantasy betting markets prior to the 2017 season. There is […]

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  • NBA Week 14 Fantasy Basketball Tips

    The month of January is already coming to an end, and the All-Star break looms. Perhaps those who were snubbed when it came to earning an All-Star roster spot will pick up their play this week. However, the All-Star reserves are yet to be announced, so many other stars will soon be called to New […]

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  • NBA Week 13 Fantasy Basketball Tips

    We’re well into 2017, and the NBA has thrown up no shortage of surprises. Derrick Rose decided to disappear for a game, before returning just in time for his Knicks to lose to the 76ers, who are all of a sudden red-hot.  The standings are constantly changing, but the fantasy basketball betting landscape looks the […]

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  • DraftKings Welcome New Fantasy Sports Research Findings

    DraftKings has welcomed the findings of a new study which has highlighted the ongoing evolution of the fantasy sports industry. The latest research suggests that it is ‘getting harder and harder’ for operators to grow their core user base, but shows that progress has still been made during a  difficult year. Eilers & Krejcik Gaming’s […]

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