Roundup | Fantasy Sports Betting - Part 2

This is a roundup of what happened in a match or set of matches. Who scored the most, who was a surprise flop, that sort of thing. Sound you bell if the tip was right!

  • NBA Week 28 Roundup

    The playoff field is getting more and more narrow as we head into Week 29 of the NBA. Only seven teams remain, with the Cleveland Cavaliers being the first to advance into the Conference Finals following a sweep of the Atlanta Hawks. Winning fantasy basketball betting contests has never been more difficult due to the […]

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  • NBA Week 27 Roundup

    The first round of the NBA Playoffs is officially over. Unsurprisingly, there was only one upset, and the Portland Trailblazers caught a break when Blake Griffin and Chris Paul of the Clippers exited that series. Because most of the high seeds advanced, that means most of the best players in the world are still available […]

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  • NBA Week 26 Roundup

    With Week 26 behind us, the NBA playoffs are well under way. Some top-tier teams have already swept their opponents and will enjoy a long break between rounds, while others will have to grind out a six or seven-game series to have any hope of advancing. The DFS game is more difficult to analyze than […]

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  • NBA Week 25 Roundup

    The NBA Playoffs have begun!  The most thrilling basketball of the entire year is under way, and the games so far have been highly entertaining. Though it may not have the upsets and shocking outcomes of March Madness, the NBA postseason brings just as much excitement and even more quality basketball. Every team has played […]

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  • NBA Week 24 Roundup

    The last full week of the 2015-16 NBA regular season is over. In three short days, fans will be kissing 14 of their favorite teams goodbye. Despite this tragedy to the game of basketball that occurs every April, we still have fantastic playoff basketball to look forward to for the next two months, as well […]

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