NFL Wild Card Weekend Roundup

The wild card round of the 2016 NFL playoffs was full of drama and excitement and long may it continue for the rest of the playoffs. In the fantasy football betting world though it was a tough and low scoring week at most positions. The highest scoring quarterbacks came in the Packers vs Redskins game, with Cousins ending as the highest scorer with 329 yards and a touchdown to go with it, whilst Rodgers scored two touchdowns to go with 210 yards. We said in our tips page that it would be tough this week with quarterbacks, and that sure turned out to be the case.

The highest scoring running back this week was Eddie Lacy (Packers) after he went for 67 yards and a touchdown, whilst teammate James Starks went off for 53 yards and a touchdown himself. This isn’t the first time that these teammates have both had big games at the same time, and could be a sign of things to come. In our tips page we predicted that at least one of the Packers running backs would have a big game and we got that correct for this week. Over in the Chiefs game and it was Spencer Ware who grabbed a great rushing game after he went for 63 yards and a touchdown. No running backs even got close to 100 yards this week which shows the position is tough to get right.

A.J Green (Bengals) had himself a great game in his loss to the Steelers after he went for 71 yards and a touchdown to go with it. He was the only wide receiver to have more than 50 yards and a touchdown, showing how this position was tough for the first time in a few weeks. Antonio Brown (Steelers) had a good game after he got 119 receiving yards, but you would probably be expecting more for a player you spend so much of your salary cap on.

Tight end was dominated this week by two players. It was Jordan Reed (Redskins) who took top honors again when he went for a massive 120 yards and a touchdown in their loss to the Packers. Just behind him was Travis Kelce (Chiefs) who had one of his best games to date with eight catches for 128 yards in the blowout victory over the Texans.

Hopefully the divisional round will be just as good as the wild card round for action but with some higher scorers for your fantasy football betting team!