FanDuel Launches Baseball Mixup Feature

FanDuel have launched a brand new product, FanDuel Mixup, as the company looks to make  fantasy sports betting on baseball more appealing to novice and casual users. Originally announced in March, the fresh concept is now live and offers a far less daunting challenge to customers who are unfamiliar with all aspects of the sport.

Marketed as a ‘lite’ version of the site, Mixup offers a quick and simple way for players to choose their weekly baseball lineups, with rosters sizes greatly reduced and contests consisting of just two pitchers and three fielders. The new format will focus on a weekly theme, giving those users with less experience to chance to develop strategies and hone their playing skills. Mixup themes include ‘Road Warriors’, All Lefties’ and ‘Old Timers’, with each round featuring a much smaller, carefully selected array of players to choose from.

Contests will also be far less stat-heavy than those on the main site, with regular players unable to dominate week-after-week thanks to the inclusion of theme weeks and player lists not being revealed until just before rounds get underway. The site’s intention is to offer first-time and part-time players bitesize games that don’t require hours of focus and preparation.

Tom Griffiths, FanDuel’s chief product officer, was keen to highlight the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction: “We’ve been focused on creating new products to appeal to the everyday sports fan and to ensure there is something for everyone on our platform. We built Mixup because we wanted to introduce new contest variants while designing a fun, fast, fan-friendly product that appeals to all users.”

It is thought that baseball will be the first in a long line of sports featured in the Mixup catalog, while the concept is the latest addition ahead of the organization’s proposed merger with fellow fantasy sports betting company DraftKings, a deal expected to take place later this year.