NBA Week 12 Roundup

As the NBA All-Star break approaches, teams are finally hitting their stride and showing their true colors. The playoff picture is slowly becoming clearer, and powerhouses like the Cavaliers, Warriors, and Spurs have proven that they are poised to grab another Larry O’Brien trophy. Teams like the 76ers, Timberwolves, and Suns are looking forward to the lottery already, so tank mode is in full effect for them. Every week is vital to the NBA fan and DFS player, and many events this week could point to future underlying trends that would otherwise remain hidden. Here’s a Week 12 roundup to help you get started with your next set of fantasy basketball betting lineups.

The Washington Wizards somehow finished this week 3-1, despite arguably having the most injury-prone team in the NBA. Not only that, their matchups were over four of the East’s most potent squads: the Bucks, the Pacers, the Bulls, and the Celtics. John Wall had 17 points, five rebounds, and ten assists to carry them over Chicago on the road, and then Bradley Beal returned against the Bucks to put up 11/3/3 after a lengthy injury stint. Nene returned for his 18th appearance on the season, and he was sorely needed considering Marcin Gortat missed the first three games of the week. The Wizards finally fell to Boston at home by a score of 119-177, keeping the game close despite not having Otto Porter Jr. or Drew Gooden to provide their usual scoring punch. However, John Wall had another inhuman performance that night, putting up 36 points, seven rebounds, and 13 assists on a Celtics team that usually guards opposing backcourts very well. ¬†Look for the Wizards to continue to dominate the Eastern Conference as they regain their health and build momentum.

The Detroit Pistons handed the Golden State Warriors their fourth loss of the season on Saturday, holding off the Dubs even though Stephen Curry dropped 38 points on them. The Pistons led by 16 at halftime and never looked back, defeating Golden State 133-95. The casual NBA fan would be very surprised by this outcome, but daily fantasy basketball fans know that when you look closer, it all makes sense. Detroit is already a fantastic home team with a record of 14-6, and just the tandem of Reggie Jackson and Andre Drummond alone is enough to catapult the Pistons to such victories. To prove this point, Drummond finished with 14 points and 21 rebounds and Jackson put up 20 points and eight assists on the second best defensive team in the Association. The Warriors aren’t in any danger of losing their second seed in the West, but the Pistons are poised to make a move in the Eastern Conference standings.

Portland Trailblazers point guard Damian Lillard is finally starting to put up the numbers he should be providing on this extremely depleted Portland squad that lost its other four starters to trades and free agency in the offseason. Lillard is averaging 25 points, five rebounds, and seven assists on the season, and has dropped 30+ points 10 times in only 36 games played. Even with the emergence of C.J. McCollum, Lillard is still the focal point on offense and needs to continue to assert his will against opposing defenses. He is currently shooting 38% from three and 42% from the field, and he can score at will from anywhere on the floor. One of the most dynamic guards in the NBA, Damian Lillard should keep up his run for the scoring title and an All-Star nod as we move forward into Week 13. Keep an eye on him for your upcoming daily fantasy basketball contests!