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  • NBA Week 33 Fantasy Basketball Tips

    These Golden State Warriors are nothing like they were last year. In Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday, they decimated the Cleveland Cavaliers 133-91 behind Kevin Durant’s 38 points, eight rebounds, and eight assists. Once again, the arrival of the former MVP to Oakland proved to be the difference. Stephen Curry also chipped […]

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  • NBA Week 32 Fantasy Basketball Tips

    And then there were two.  Golden State and Cleveland will face off for the third straight time in the NBA Finals. These two teams are already breaking a record by meeting for the third time in the championship, but many more will be set once the best-of-seven series begins. The Warriors’ Durant, Curry, Thompson, and […]

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  • NBA Week 31 Fantasy Basketball Tips

    Despite being snubbed in the MVP race, LeBron James is still setting records and leading his Cavaliers to victory after victory.  Cleveland has yet to lose a game in these playoffs, and their Golden State counterparts are on the same undefeated track. Should both reach the Finals with 12-0 records, we could be in for […]

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  • NBA Week 26 Fantasy Basketball Tips

    The 2017 NBA Playoffs have finally arrived. Every game matters, and the teams are treating them with the utmost of respect. No more resting players, no more half-hearted efforts, and no more giving the young guys their chance. It’s time for the stars to shine and for the truly great ones to rise to the […]

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  • NBA Week 23 Fantasy Basketball Tips

    The 2016-17 NBA season is finally drawing to a close. The playoffs begin in less than three weeks, and the standings will probably remain about the same until then. Once the postseason begins, fantasy basketball betting will become significantly more difficult due to the limited field of players to choose from. So, while all 30 […]

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